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The Work I Do. b&w foot and chest

THE WORK I DO: an introduction to tantra for men

An introduction to tantra for men (part 1): 60minutes (up to 1hour)

An introduction to tantra for men provides you with the space to learn the basic tools about how to become a multi-orgasmic male.

As Clare Maxwell-Hudson suggests in her book, The Book of Massage, “A caring, massage creates feelings of well-being, trust and joy. It can also release a great deal of energy hitherto wasted in tension and by transforming chronic habits of acting and reacting, effect a profound change on posture and facial expression. The emotional aspect of massage is all-important.”

This is a massage that lasts up to 60 minutes. Both of us are in the nude and it involves genital massage. Part 1 involves Swedish massage using oils, Sport massage using stretching + massage of your perineum. The perineum matters, because this is the area that the Tao sexologists like Mantak Chia call the ‘million dollar point.’ The perineum is situated between the anus and the balls.

The Work I Do. Chakras

KUNDALINI: Becoming A Multi-Orgasmic Male

When this area is massaged, it activates the Kundalini. Kundalini is an energy that is situated in the base chakra.

Kundalini is the source of all energy in humankind and the universe, whether sexual, emotional, mental, psychic and spiritual.

Becoming multi-orgasmic means to learn how to harness and control this universal energy.

“Sex is a spiritual force when sensual pleasure becomes a means to an end and not an end itself. The end is meaningful connections, resilience and human warmth.”

On The Couch, Volume 1
By Tom Bianchi

The Work I Do. Prostate Massage with Finger


An introduction to Tantra for men (part 2): 90 minutes

This is a massage that lasts up to 90 minutes. As above + genital massage (penis, balls, and arse massage). Prostate massage is done on request. If you would like your prostate massaged, please be prepared with a shower and a douche.

Regular prostate massage helps men stay healthy. Practicing anal massage helps all men to improve their wellbeing:

“According to Stephen T. Chang in his book Tao of Sexology, gay men who are generally bottoms have fewer prostate problems than tops and heterosexual men.”

The Multi-Orgasmic Man
By Mantak Chia

The reason for this is because a so-called ‘bottom’ experiences the benefit of having his prostate massaged during anal intercourse. The only thing that prevents all men from experimenting with their sacred sexuality is lack of information, ignorance about the male body and ancient cultural taboos.

The Work I Do. Lingam


Unfortunately, men are the least likely to discuss sexual issues and questions. For example, prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men above the age of 45. However, most men have no idea where their prostate is or what its function is. As Bill Brent explains in his book, people everywhere are experimenting sexually.

“Most myths about anal sex are based on taboo. A taboo is an activity or object that is forbidden, usually without justification. Early in life we are trained to respect the anal taboo, which tells us that our anuses are disgusting, that we should tune out our awareness of our anuses as much as we can, not to become familiar with it and certainly not think of our own anus as a source of pleasure.

The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men
By Bill Brent

This is why the help of a sexologist is beneficial in providing answers to any questions regarding our God-given sexuality, “I read somewhere that 30% of married couples had experimented with butt play or did it regularly. When you recite statistics, people get this relieved look on their faces, like, ‘Oh, I’m not bad!’ So I think there’s a stigma, but it’s what people think everybody else thinks, not necessarily what everybody does think. I think there’s a ton more butt play going on than anybody’s willing to admit.”

Although becoming versatile in bed, experimenting with being a ‘top’ and/ or a ‘bottom’ (with a man, a woman or with sex toys), is part of the process of becoming multi-orgasmic, this is not the full picture. Becoming a multi-orgasmic man involves learning to control your ejaculation using meditation techniques in order to prolong and increase orgasms.

“A man at twenty can ejaculate once every four days.
A man at thirty can ejaculate once every eight days.
A man at forty can ejaculate once every ten days.
A man at fifty can ejaculate once every twenty days.
A man at sixty should no longer ejaculate.”

The Multi-Orgasmic Man
By Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava
(Quote by Sun Ssu-Miao, one of the leading physicians of China, who lived to 101!)

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