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“Perhaps no aspect of human behaviour has been as dysfunctionally shamed as our sexuality. Sexuality is the core of human selfhood. Our sex is not something we do, it is who we are. It’s the first thing we notice about each other ... our sexual energy (libido) is our own unique incarnation of the life-force itself. To have our sex drive shamed is to be shamed to the core.”

Healing the Shame that Binds You
By John Bradshaw

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My name is Martin Zopa and I am a fully qualified massage therapist with over 20 years’ hands on experience in Swedish and Sports massage, and many years' experience in sexology: Tantric naturist man to man massage in South Liverpool (Merseyside).

The therapy will involve a combination of techniques to suit your individual needs, to help you discover for yourself how proper alignment, breath-work and stretching can deepen your experience:

• Sports massage (stretching)
• Thai yoga massage (the lazy man’s yoga)
• Swedish massage (long strokes using oils), which includes effleurage, percussion, hacking, plucking, friction, kneading, deep strokes, circulation (blood and lymphatic system)

The therapy begins with a general discussion to establish boundaries and what physical issues there may be. This is where you let me know what feels comfortable and what doesn’t (for example, some men hate their feet touched, while other men love it!). The therapy itself is done quietly except the sound of relaxing background music, it is basically non-verbal and is best done in silence.

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My aim with NATURAL MYSTIC in South Liverpool is to share what I know by demonstrating tantra for men. Tantra is more than a massage. It suggests ways in which we can combine the body, mind and spirit with your sacred sexual energy (TANTRIC YOGA).

TANTRA is usually done in the nude. That means that both the massage therapist (sexologist) and the client are naked. Naturism is beneficial to well-being because it helps us to relax. Everyone needs time with their own gender every now and then; being naked together is not about sexual preference, it is about being natural ... As nature intended. Naturism is not about sex. It is about relaxation. The more relaxed we are in our nude bodies, the more relaxed we become with our sexuality (SEMEN RETENTION & YOGA).

Every NATURAL MYSTIC therapy begins with the undressing ritual. This is followed by guided mindfulness in breathing. Tantric naturist man to man massage is a full body massage that will include your genitals:

• Anus, perineum, prostate massage
• Scrotum (balls)
• Lingam (penis) massage.

This is what is on offer but you have a choice about what you feel most comfortable with as a client.

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Martin Zopa is a certified holistic massage therapist (F.H.T.) with a rich and diverse background in men's groups, yoga, mindfulness based teaching, and contemplative arts practice including Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Working holistically, awakening to potential and finding healing in body, mind and spirit. Tantric naturist man to man massage is there for men who wish to explore combining sacred sexuality with their spiritual practice. SEE VIDEO by Khalil West (I Am For You Can Enjoy).

I am based in South Liverpool which is just 10 minutes drive from the M6 and just 10 minutes walk from Lime Street Station (or Edge Hill Station) CLICK HERE for a map

Blessed be!

REVIEW: by Dave


I have found a gem.
Martin put me at my ease with his charming manner and his sexy voice. His approach is professional and sensitive.
We discussed relevant health issues before we started which was reassuring.
It was unhurried and left me wanting more. The deep Swedish massage was great and the prostate massage was excellent. Try it you'll be amazed..
I have booked Martin for 6 sessions at a very good rate.
I could happily recommend this lovely man.
It's a pleasure knowing him."

Review of Barefoot-Shaman (Natural Mystic) by Dave on 11 May 2016

REVIEW: by Carlo (will book again)

"Martin is a true Shaman. He will use bodywork to take you to a spiritual awaken in a beautiful sensual whole body experience.
Fantastic professional!"

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REVIEW: by Ian

"My first visit to Martin was incredible.
He immediately put me at ease and was very welcoming. He has a wonderful aura. He is very talented and knowledgeable.
I've never met anyone like him. The whole experience is one I'd like to repeat."

REVIEW: by Steve

"Thanks so much. That was incredible. You are amazing."


"Hey Martin, just wanted to thank you for yesterday's session! Take care, Tim."


"Hi Martin,
I hope you don't mind this text. But just had to say, I didn't expect all that on Thursday. It was amazing. If I could afford it I would come every week. I still feel relaxed. Will see you when I can. Loving kindness be with you. Peter"

REVIEW: by Ben (March 2018)

"I just wanted to say how pleased I was with your massage the other day - much appreciated - you made me feel at ease immediately and your strong hands and all the stretching was great. I have been much better in bed since then. Hope I can come over again sometime for another session."

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REVIEW: by Paul (April 2018)

"Hi Martin, just wanted to thank you for my treatment today. It was amazing and so are you! You are an amazing lovely man. I will definately be back to see you."

REVIEW: by Jacob (April 2018)

"Thank you for a lovely experience today."

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REVIEW: by Greg (July 2018)

"Hi Martin,
Thank you for this afternoon.
I'm now feeling rested and at peace with myself.
Which is the first time in a long time."

Welcome. soak

REVIEW: by Chris (August 2018)

"Thank you very much Martin for yesterday, it was great to meet you .
Had a really good nights sleep!
Thank you also for the recommendations on yoga."


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1. Disruption of normal metabolism
2. Suppression of cell development
3. Disruption of the body’s energy circuits
4. Entry into the food chain
5. There is a direct link between the birth control pill and cancer in women
6. There is a link between make-up and hair products and cancer in women (and men)


1. Pesticide residues
2. Low levels of trace minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients
3. High levels of sugars
4. Bacteria, parasites, and viruses affect weakened, nutritionally deficient plants


1. Concentrated agricultural chemicals through the food chain
2. Excess of hormones and antibiotics
3. Lack of fibre
4. Parasites, bacteria and worms


1. Loss of micro-nutrient content
2. Destruction of enzymes
3. Loss of oxygen
4. Addition of chemical preservatives and colourings


1. Wi-Fi
2. Cell phones/ cell phone towers
3. Electricity cables in the walls
4. Microwaves
5. Computers/ TV

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