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I am based in South Liverpool, just 10 minutes from the city centre and 10 minutes drive from the M6 (near Prince Park and Sefton Park)click here for a map.

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You can contact me by text on (+44) 7376853292
I DON'T HAVE INTERNET ACCESS at home, so emails are unlikely to be read on time; to contact me, please reach me by text only.
(Withheld numbers will be ignored).

I don't confirm appointments by email.

Tantra = No alcohol, no poppers and no porn (HOW NoFap CHANGED MY LIFE ).

Please give at least 2 hours notice before your appointment.


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• 1 hour = £25
• 90 minutes = £50

• OUTCALLS = £95 (All outcalls start at £95 per hour, and then £50 per 30 minutes after that)

• Please pay by cash on arrival

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Daily slots:
• 12noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and at 7.30pm.

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Appendix 1: Testosterone and how to build it naturally


The following information is inspired by The Don of Desire from YouTube (
Men that have sufficient testosterone in their bodies have the following characteristics:

• Burn more fat
• Build more muscle
• Are more assertive
• Are more active
• Are more attractive (to women AND men!)
• Have more erections
• Have more powerful erections

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The following things increase testosterone in men naturally:

Lifting weights increases testosterone and lowers cortisol (stress hormones). 40 minutes twice a week is sufficient to produce results; compound exercises such as squats, deadlifts, shoulder press, bench press, pull-ups are all good compound exercises. Compound exercises use multiple muscles.

Running (barefoot is best. Read Born to Run by Christopher McDougal for more information about the best running technique) is good; jogging is good, sprinting is better for boosting testosterone levels.

Vitamin D is the hormone that regulates everything else in the body, including testosterone levels. The body produces 90% of its own vitamin D. It relies on the rest of its vitamin D needs in food and exposure to the sun.
One of the consequences of the modern world is that nobody is getting enough sunlight. We spend too much time working, eating and playing indoors.

Stress produces cortisol which lowers testosterone. In order to relax the body try the following: meditation, yoga, gardening, dancing, baking bread, barefoot walking on the grass in the park or on the beach, etc.

As fat goes up, testosterone levels go down.

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Appendix 2: Low testosterone and what causes it

What happens to the male body when testosterone levels are too low? Men will have some or all of the following characteristics:

• Depression
• Low energy
• Weak bones
• Low confidence
• Weight gain
• Muscle loss
• Poor sleep
• Erectile dysfunction

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The following things lower testosterone in men:

The skin absorbs everything that is rubbed into it. This is why wearing make-up is not a good idea for women (or men!) because of all the man-made chemicals in make-up which are linked to dis-eases such as cancer. Around the body there are various places where the skin is most absorbent. The armpits are one of the most absorbent areas on the human skin. Chemicals placed there are absorbed into the bloodstream. Deodorants contain parabens and Phthalates. Both of these cause damage to the body and lower testosterone. Phthalates are also found in restaurant food and fast food outlets; phthalates have even been linked to lower I.Q.’s in many people.

Instead of using deodorants, you could use baking soda (usually mixed with a little water) or plant based essential oils such as Lavender. A few drops usually are sufficient; it smells nice and it won’t harm your body.

If you want to raise your testosterone levels, then spending as much as time as possible outside in the sun is essential. Yet sunscreen is just like deodorant; it is put on your skin and is full of harmful man-made chemicals such as, Parabons, Benzophenones, 4-Methylbenzylidene Camphor, Octyl-dimethyl-Paba, Octyl-Methoxycunamate, Homosolate and Oxybenzone; these all lower testosterone.

It is still essential to protect the skin from burning however. Avoid burning the skin by applying 100% natural oils such as coconut oil. If you feel your skin is burning, get out of the sun and stay in the shade for a while. Use your common sense. Your skin will let you know when it feels better. The body is always talking to us; all we need to do is learn how to listen!

Peppermint lowers testosterone. Sorry!

Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil, sesame oil Omega 6 and Omega 3, lower testosterone. Also too much heat or too much light can have an adverse effect on the oil so always store your cooking oils in a dark cupboard. Instead of using vegetable oils, swap them for coconut oil and virgin olive oil.

Cannabis not only reduces testosterone but also reduces libido. Sperm count in men tends to drop when they smoke the weed. Avoid.

Factory farm meat is injected with oestrogen (the female hormone) to boost the production of muscle mass in the animal before they are slaughtered. As well as oestrogen, the animals are also fed growth hormones plus other man-made chemicals to make the meat more attractive looking for the consumer. For all those meat eaters out there, avoid factory meat and only go for organic, free range meat and eggs.

Cow’s milk, cheese, cream, yoghurt, ice-cream and sweets such as chocolate all contain different forms of dairy. Dairy is just like factory farm meat, it is a processed food that causes dis-eases like cancer (see Appendix). Cows are injected with oestrogen to boost the production of milk. Women get breast cancer and men grow “moobs” – male breasts – because of the consumption of milk.

The nation with the lowest cancer rate in the world is China. Chinese people have (until recently) avoided all dairy and sweets in their diet. This all changed when McDonalds opened its restaurants in the Great Oriental market…

Flaxseeds are given to men with prostate issues. Flaxseeds lower the men’s androgen levels and their testosterone levels.

Liquorice reduces testosterone levels. Sorry!

It’s not just our food and our tap-water that is turning boys into girls and men into women. There is also the wearing of underpants. Western contemporary urban males have only been wearing underpants since the World War II.

When the scrotum is pushed close to the body in tight fight Lycra shorts for example, then the heat of the body harms the production of sperm. Wearing underpants promotes infertility. The scrotum – our sack of balls – is supposed to hang away from the body. This is because sperm is meant to grow at a temperature that is cooler than the rest of the human body. Our Higher Mother, Nature, is genius. Everything She produces for us is there for a reason. We interfere with Nature at our peril. Keeping the balls close to the body destroys sperm cells and delays puberty in boys. That is why wearing the quilt the Scottish Way is healthy for the male body…all that cool fresh air. The best thing for men it is to wear boxer shorts or go commando!

Typing on your knees
The radiation from any computer laptop harms the body. Typing on your knees with your laptop reduces testosterone. Radiation from television, microwaves, computer screens, mobile phones and mobile phone towers all cause sterilisation in males.

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Why is testosterone so low in modern males?
What is the history of the biological warfare against males? Processed food is part of the biological war against masculinity. Every year, testosterone levels in males drop further and fertility rates deteriorate. Nowadays, one in six couples struggle to conceive. Male fertility in this country has dropped by 60% in forty years. A generation from now, modern men will all be shooting blanks!

Since World War II, male consumption of meat and dairy has increased with every generation. We have gone from cooking and eating our meals at home to eating out in fast food restaurants 24/7. The U.K. spends around £100 million on processed fast food per year. It is this that causes dis-eases like cancer and low testosterone levels in males.

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The ‘powers that be’ are ensuring that the future is female by adding oestrogen to the tap water supply and adding oestrogen to milk, eggs and meat. This biological war on men in the U.K. started in 1945. Doctors experimented with human beings in all sorts of imaginative ways during World War II in their concentration camps. What they learnt there, they have been applying to patients and the general public ever since. Fluoride has also been added to our food supply (and our toothpaste).

It was the Nazis who invented the idea of adding fluoride to the water served to the concentration camp prisoners. Fluoride leads to sterilization in males. The Nazi doctors who presided over this experiment, such as the Joseph Mengele, found that the prisoners who consumed this poisoned water became more manageable; less prone to aggression such as rioting; more prone to isolation, and dis-eases such as depression and cancer.

"The more we do to you,
The less you seem to believe
We are doing it.”

- Joseph Mengele
(Nazi Doctor)

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